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Finding A Needle In A Haystack
If you are searching for a Solar Contractor, you noticed how challenging it could be to find someone that knows what solar panels are and how to install it properly and secure your tax rebates and incentives. Its nearly impossible. There are many solar installers but finding someone to take care of your project from start to finish is an entirely different story. California Solar Solutions has developed a free service for homeowners that are interested in going solar. Solar systems are specifically designed for individual homes and there is no one size fit all type of solution. We understand that and our installers know that it takes a free onsite estimate to determine the roof structure, size of roof, shade levels, electricity usage, average usage and kilowatt reference to determine a unique system can reduce the electricity bill and save you thousands. If solar systems are too much for you, we offer contractors for solar water heaters, energy saver box and much more. Let us do the legwork and find a qualified solar installer in your area.
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